Black tea Lychee

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Theine strength: average Advice on preparation: quantity 6gx500ml, temperature 75/80 ° C, infusion time 3 / 4minutes, fixed residual water 12-28mg / L recommended.



Tea is harvested in the spring, then carefully preserved until the summer, when the Lychees become ripe, the tea is then mixed with the peeled and Lychee previously roasted. The taste is intensely sweet and the floral scent of the Lychee are then absorbed from tea, creating a type of tea with a succulent taste and with a unique aroma. Lychee black tea comes from the Guangxi province (China) which is the area where China's best Lychees grow. This infusion it combines the virtues of the black Te and the Lychee that it possesses: anti cancer effects, promotes cardiovascular health, improves digestion, acts against influenza, helps to lose weight, regulates blood circulation, prevents rupture of blood vessels, has agents anti-inflammatory, provides instant energy, protects from the Herpes Virus, strengthens immunity, regulates the blood pressure, strengthens bones, prevents anemia and increases libido

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