Black tea Keemun

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Theine strength: medium Advice on preparation: quantity 6gx500ml, temperature 75/80 ° C, infusion time 3 / 4minutes, recommended water residue 12-28mg / L.

50g bag



Keemun tea is produced exclusively in Qimen, in the Huangshan region. His production is a elaborate and complicated process. The collection takes place only in spring and summer, only the upper bud and the first two leaves of the plant. Once leaves and buds have been detached, the more tender leaves are chosen by hand to create a quality tea. The selected leaves then pass through an elaborate oxidation process change color from green to dark brown. This is' a tea with an amber red liqueur with a sweet taste and refined. This brings you benefits to our body for the heart reducing the risk of diseases cardiovascular and heart attacks. Protects against Parkinson's disease and various forms of cancer including that to the skin, lung, stomach, pancreas, to the prostate and ovaries. Protects against free radicals e slows aging.

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