Black tea with vanilla

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Theine strength: medium Advice on preparation: quantity 6gx500ml, temperature 75/80 ° C, infusion time 3 / 4minutes, recommended water residue 12-28mg / L.

50g bag



This black tea is pleasantly flavored with vanilla with a taste decisive and

pregnant but which leaves room for the taste of tea. The few ingredients

that make it up are: black tea, pieces of vanilla, flavorings, natural aroma of

vanilla. In this whole, the properties of the individual elements remain present.

Black tea benefits the heart by reducing the risk of disease cardiovascular and

heart attacks, protects against parkinson's disease, against various forms of

cancer (including skin, lung, stomach, pancreas, prostate and ovaries), protects

against free radicals and slows down cellular aging. Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia)

is an orchid native to Mexico that gives edible fruit: the pods. The properties

that it brings to our body are: it is a natural antiseptic, it is a precious one

calming (it is in fact very useful for fighting stress and defeating insomnia),

has antioxidant properties (helps keep young the body by counteracting the

action of free radicals), is effective in reducing the high cholesterol and its

aphrodisiac properties are known.

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