Green Toasted Kukicha Tea

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Theine strength: very low Advice on preparation: quantity 6gx500ml, temperature 90-95° C, infusion time 5/6minutes, fixed residual water 12-28mg / L recommended.



The Japanese Kukicha originating in the province of Shizuoka is obtained using the thinner twigs of the tea plant than later they are toasted and have a wonderful sweet and almond flavor. The benefits of this tea are: to keep the values of the blood pressure, adjust cholesterol levels, counteract the fatigue, strengthening the immune system, controlling weight body helping to burn fat, alkalize the body by way of blood, rebalance blood sugar levels, promote diuresis, purify kidneys and disinfect the bladder. This tea is almost completely devoid of teina, which makes it a drink suitable for everyone, even children

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