green tea flowers with jasmine, calendula and amaranth

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Handmade flowers with green tea, jasmine, calendula and amaranth. a flower sewn with cotton thread with a strong choreographic impact, when infused it blooms in all its beauty, freeing the flowers of which it is composed.



Tea flowers, also commonly known as 'blooming tea' or 'flowering' tea ', come

from China, where they have been appreciated not only for their taste unmistakable,

but also for their aesthetic form, which is considered one extraordinary form of art.

The substances present in green tea reduce the  LDL cholesterol levels ("bad"

cholesterol), reduce the level of triglycerides, prevent the onset of cardiovascular

diseases, reduce cell aging, contain polyphenols that are more powerful than

vitamin C and E, contain methylxanthines (caffeine, theobromine, theophylline)

which act on the drainage of excess liquids, have an action hypoglycemic, reducing

the absorption of sugars, eliminating fats by enzymatic stimulation and increase

bone density in women in menopause with a strong remineralizing action important

for bones and teeth. Jasmine is excellent for improving appetite, digestion,

improving the skin, reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, calm and reduce stress.

There Calendula helps cleanse the liver, eliminate toxins, improve digestion,

rejuvenate the skin, increase acuity of vision and remove heat body. Amaranth has

properties: antisress, anti-aging, energetic, antibacterial, antioxidants against skin

aging, detoxifying and purifying. It is suitable for diabetics. It also contains many

vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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