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It does not contain theine or other exciting substances

Preparation advice: in whole or chopped buds for decoctions, infusions or savory or sweet recipes. Quantity according to taste.

   50g bag



The rose infusion contains a high level of vitamin C which helps

the body to fight colds, flu germs and viruses. There Vitamin C

contained is also an important element to maintain healthy and

radiant skin, with a stain removal effect skin. It is excellent for the

natural beauty of your skin. The benefits for the health of a rosebud

also includes the ability to eliminate toxic waste from the bladder

and kidneys and in doing so reduces the risk of urinary tract

infections. Drink the infusion at rose can prevent blockages that

could be caused by stones kidney. Contains rich nutrients and

organic acids, helping to avoid digestive problems and eliminate

toxic waste and substances that they can accumulate in the intestine.

Helps reduce the risk of dysentery, diarrhea, gastroenteritis and

constipation. The buds of roses they can calm the central nervous

system. In this way, drinkers are less likely to suffer from mental

disorders like depression and anxiety. Roses can also help victims

of compulsive disorders, chronic fatigue, insomnia and nervousness.

In the end they have a known aphrodisiac effect, both in humans

than in women.

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