tisana capolini camomilla

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It does not contain theine


PREPARATION: quantity 7gx500ml,

temperature 85°C,

infusion time 5/8 minutes,

water residual fixed recommended 12-28mg/L.

 50g bag



Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) is a plant from the family of

Asteraceae, the plant uses flowers but only the flower heads (the part

central yellow without white petals) which are richer in principles

active. The properties of chamomile are: it has beneficial effects on

nervous system, on the skin, on the digestive and immune systems.

It has well-known properties: digestive and carminative for the

stomach and intestine, calming on the nervous system, as well as

soothing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial on the skin. It has an

effect tonic and tonic even after childbirth. This makes chamomile

particularly suitable to help us both in the states of hyper-reactivity

in who are nervous and find it hard to sleep and digest when

menstrual pain occurs rather than muscle or headache,

but also when fatigue prevails and the skin is dull or damaged

from small wounds and blemishes. Chamomile is considered a

remedy natural useful to appease the symptoms of cold and flu,

some substances present in chamomile can increase activity

antibacterial and stimulate the functions of the immune system.

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