karkade herbal tea

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It does not contain theine or exciting components


Quantity 7gx500m

Temperature 85 ° C

Brewing time 5-8 minutes

Fixed residual water recommended 12-28mg / L.

Origin Senegal

    50g bag



This infusion is made up of the fleshy calyx of the Hibiscus sabdariffa flower from Senegal

from which a refreshing drink with a pleasant taste can be obtained by infusion sour and intense

red color. Hibiscus sabdariffa belongs to the Malvaceae family, the floral calyx of karkadè ripen

on summer days, their collection begins in autumn and then they are spread on wire nets and left

to dry in the sun for 3-4 days, once the drying process is complete, the petals are separated from

the rest of the flower and packaged. The properties of karkade are varied and can be used both as

an infusion for drinking for internal use or as a soothing for external use. As a herbal tea to drink,

karkade ': stimulates kidney activity and facilitates the function of the digestive system, eliminate

metabolic waste and fight against constipation (slightly laxative action), has diuretic and

antiseptic properties of the urinary tract, it has anti-flu and vitaminizing effects thanks to the

presence of vitamins A C and D, it has a strong effect antioxidant properties that act as natural

retardants of cellular aging, the presence of anthocyanins and flavonoids makes it angioprotective.

and is an ally of the blood circulation, has blood pressure regulating abilities, contains mucilage

which exert a soothing and protective action on the internal tissues of the body and is indicated

for all types of inflammation of the mucous membranes such as gingivitis, sore throat, cold and 

cough. Karkadè can also be used for external use on the skin as a soothing or after sun. For the

compress it is necessary to prepare a restricted infusion to be applied with a compress of gauze

on the most reddened areas of the body after sun exposure or on sensitive skin.

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