Green Mate Grass

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Caffeine content: medium

PREPARATION: quantity 6gx500ml,

temperature 75-85°C,

infusion time 2/3 minutes,

water residual fixed recommended 12-28mg/L.

   50g Bag



Mate grass is produced from the Ilex paraguariensis tree of the

Aquifoliaceae family and is native to South America, leaves are

used for this plant. The active ingredients they are commonly

extracted by infusion leaving the leaves dry for a few minutes hot

water and then filtering. The Mate with its elements has tonic and

stimulating properties for the nervous system thanks to chlorogenic

acid and especially caffeine, has diuretic properties, slimming, has

a beneficial antioxidant action on the body's cells by delaying

cellular aging, has a stimulating action of the immune system,

promotes the digestion, decreases the rate of cholesterol and blood

sugar, improving mood.

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