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Herbal tea breathes well

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It does not contain theine or other exciting ingredients


quantity 8gx500ml,

temperature 85°C,

infusion time 5-8 minutes,

water residual fixed recommended 12-28mg/L.

50g Bag



This herbal tea, as the name implies, was designed to give an expectorant effect,

soothing the respiratory tract and breathing well giving help to our body. We can

use it as an infusion and enjoy its vurtu '(if a cold, a little cough or congested

airways) or we can drink it just for the taste of something good. Of course in this

whole yes they retain all the benefits of the individual plants that keep theirs

properties and contribute to determining its effectiveness.

Herbal tea contains the following ingredients: silver lime flowers and bracts, eucalyptus leaves, fennel
seeds, mallow leaves, common thyme, chamomile flowers, peppermint, pine buds, sage leaves.

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