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Cool herbal tea

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It does not contain theine or othr exciting ingredients


quantity 8gx500ml,

temperature 85°C,

infusion time 5-8 minutes,

water residual fixed recommended 12-28mg/L.

50g Bag



This herbal tea, as the name implies, was designed to give one "cool" feeling

with its slightly spicy almond taste, giving energy anti-inflammatory effects and

help our body. We can use it as an infusion and enjoy hers energizing virtues

with a spicy explosion that gives the effects anti-inflammatory (it is indicated

during the winter for colds, digestion or simply for the pleasure of drinking it).

Of course in this together all the benefits of the individual plants are preserved

maintain their properties and which contribute to determining his effectiveness.

The herbal tea contains the following ingredients: pieces of ginger, caramelized
almonds (almonds, sugar), cinnamon pieces, raisins, anise, cardamom, almond
flakes, orange peel, flavorings.

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