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Relaxed herbal tea

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It does not contain theine or othr exciting ingredients


quantity 8gx500ml,

temperature 85°C,

infusion time 5-8 minutes,

water residual fixed recommended 12-28mg/L.

50g Bag



This herbal tea, as the name implies, has been designed to favor  relaxation and

help our body. We can use as an infusion and enjoy its relaxing vurtu '(if we have

a period of stress, too much nervous tension or occupying thoughts our mind).

Naturally in this set of herbs they are preserved all the benefits of individual

plants that maintain their properties which contribute to determining its


The herbal tea contains i following ingredients: wild strawberry
leaves, apple pieces, peel of oranges, mallow flowers, sunflower flowers,
sanbuco berries, blueberries, hibiscus.

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