Fennel seeds

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Consigli sulla preparazione: in semi integri o sminuzzati per decotti, infusi o ricette salate o dolci. Quantità a seconda dei gusti.



The fennel of which the seeds are used originates from the Mediterranean areas. The its properties are: fennel seeds improve digestion, help treat asthma and other respiratory disorders, they are a natural remedy for bad breath, excellent for cancer prevention, has properties anti-inflammatory, fennel seeds are rich in fiber, the fibers contained in fennel seeds they reduce the chances of cholesterol accumulation on the walls of the arteries thus preventing cardio-circulatory pathologies, contain a mineral salt that is essential in regulating pressure sanguine, have diuretic and draining properties, have antioxidants, help to improve digestion, are a rich one source of calcium and promote the production of red blood cells by the our organism

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