Black peppercorns

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The pepper comes from the Piper Nigrum plant of the Piperaceae family originally from

India. From the same fruits, through different processing procedures, other types of

pepper are also obtained: white pepper and green pepper. While pink pepper is the fruit

of another plant (Schinus molle) and is a spice with a much more delicate flavor used

mainly for its decorative qualities. The unripe fruits of the Piper Nigrum are treated with

boiling water and then left to dry in the sun, until you get the look we know, black,

dehydrated and wrinkled. Its properties depend on piperine which is the alkaloid

contained in pepper and makes it the spice: stimulating, tonicizing, stomachic, it also

favors the secretion of juices gastric, stimulates metabolism, is an antiseptic, has

expectorant properties and helps to soothe inflammation.. We can define black pepper as

a valuable aid for digestion because it facilitates the absorption of nutrients and

facilitates the entire process digestive. It is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine and in

weight loss diets because it stimulates thermogenesis and counteracts obesity. This spice

would be valuable also to combat depression, it seems that piperine stimulates production

of endorphins in the brain and act as a natural antidepressant. The use of pepper

black is also very popular for external use, because the piperine it contains seems

effective in fighting vitiligo, it is used in eudermic treatments and for massages

muscular and relaxing, while a bath with black pepper essence stimulates sweating

and contributes to the purification of the organism. Also in case of bruises black pepper

it can be a good natural remedy to remove swelling and decrease pain with

cold packs. Not recommended in case of gastritis, ulcer or hemorrhoids because it irritates

the mucous membranes.

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