Bruised hot red pepper

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The chili pepper belongs to the Solanaceae family and in particular to the genus Capsicum

of South American origin, chili is a horn-like berry of bright red color. Only a few

varieties produce hot peppers and crosses belonging to five species, respectively:

Capsicum Annuum, Capsicum baccatum, Capsicum Chinense, Capsicum frutescens and

Capsicum pubescens. The same species give rise to very different cultivars and fruits, as

well as for the spiciness, the various types of berries can be differentiated by: shape, size,

color, flavor and aroma. For example, the very common sweet peppers belong to the

species Capsicum Annuum. The properties it brings to our body are: action antibacterial

and vasodilator, an aid to keep cholesterol values ​​under control e blood pressure, reduce

cardiovascular risk, improve circulation allowing capillaries to remain elastic and

improving blood oxygenation (These functions are due to the unsaturated fatty acids

present in the seed, which reinforce the blood vessels), anti-inflammatory properties

(chili pepper is very suitable in case of cough or hoarseness), relieve rheumatic pains

(the ideal is to soak it in alcohol and then apply it on the painful part), the vitamin C and

vitamin E present in the chili peppers enhance the defenses against cancer, vitamin E

gives it properties aphrodisiacs (vitamin E is the so-called vitamin of fertility and potency

sexual), perform an antihistamine action and could be used to treat allergy and asthma.

Chilli is not recommended in the presence of esophageal and gastric pathologies and

intestinal. It is advisable to be especially careful in case of stomach acid, gastroesophageal

reflux disease, gastritis, ulcer, irritable bowel, hemorrhoids and fissures anal. Although in

these cases it is traditionally contraindicated, some clinical studies suggest how the

constant use of chili can prevent some of these pathologies (in particular gastric and

duodenal ulcer) in the acute phase is however it is a good idea to eliminate it from the diet.

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