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Black mustard in grains

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To be used whole or ground

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Mustard grains for culinary use are collected from two types of plants of the family of the

Crucifers: black mustard (Brassica nigra) and white mustard (Brassica alba). The first

finds documenting its use place it above all near the area surrounding Egypt, of which she

seems to be native. Mustard does not oilseeds they are very caloric and donate a significant 

amount of vitamins of various kinds, including vitamins of group B, vitamins C, E and K

and many minerals. Mustard with its principles active ingredients brings various benefits to

our body: it oxygenates the blood and stimulates blood circulation, promotes the

elimination of toxic substances present in the organism, carries out a digestive and laxative

action (ground and dissolved mustard seeds in water, they perform a purgative action),

and an antirheumatic (compresses and poultices with hot mustard seeds are an excellent

remedy to counteract the pains of rheumatism), stabilizes cardiac arrhythmias (seed oil

stabilizes cardiac arrhythmias, protects the heart thanks to the presence of omega 3) and is

an excellent detoxifier (a decoction of mustard seeds has a detoxifying action for the whole

organism e helps purify the body from the side effects of alcohol and toxic substance abuse).

In Eastern Europe, mustard seeds are combined with honey to combat coughs in Canada

they are considered an excellent remedy for treating diseases of the apparatus

respiratory. The use of mustard for local applications can be irritating and blistering,

to produce real skin lesions. Obviously, if these are already present, the application is

completely not recommended; analogous speech in the presence of vascular disorders.

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