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To obtain the paprika powder that is commonly used in the kitchen, they are left to dry

sweet or hot peppers and after having freed them from the white part, dried, they are

ground. The favorite type of chilli pepper in paprika production is Capsicum anuum. The

word paprika (or paprika) comes from Hungarian and means precisely pepper. The chili,

which belongs to the Solanaceae family, it was introduced in Europe by the Hungarians,

who in turn it imported from the Turks, who in turn had taken it from India, but the plant is

of American origin, The greatest benefits of paprika: it is a food that contains the most

carotenoids ever, it is a powerful one excellent antioxidant for combating cardiovascular

diseases, strengthens the immune system, and is rich of vitamin C (useful for increasing the

immune defenses and to fight scurvy. The chemist Albert Szent-Györgyi won the Nobel

Prize precisely for having discovered a source of acid in peppers ascorbic acid and its

power against disease), is a gastric stimulant, has antirheumatic properties (used in creams

and ointments for muscle pain), the strong or spicy paprika it contains capsaicin is used to

stimulate the blood microcirculation in baldness problems, it favors slimming, has a

disinfectant and tonic power, Paprika is rich in antioxidants and consumed regularly it can

counteract tissue aging, is useful for the health of the nervous system and of the heart.

Paprika has no noteworthy contraindications except for those who suffer colitis or paprika

allergy sufferers.

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