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Sultana grapes (raisins)

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Sultanas (or raisins) are a variety of grapes of the Vitis vinifera species (Vitaceae family), 

variety native to Turkish, Iranian or Greek lands. Sultana grape is often produced from the

fruits of white sultanas, cultivated apirenia - stenospermocarpia (completely seedless). Among

its properties' e its benefits sultanas include: laxative properties (the soluble fibers contained,

absorb water and facilitate intestinal transit, keeping the intestine healthy and active), has

benefits for bones and muscles (being rich in calcium, raisins contribute to the well-being of

bones and muscles), constitutes one good energy reserve for athletes (thanks to the

carbohydrates it contains, and potassium counteracts the tiredness and muscle fatigue), is able

to reduce the production of endogenous cholesterol thus carrying out a cholesterol-lowering 

action), it helps to regulate blood pressure, with the iron contained in it helps prevent iron

deficiency anemia (keeping our cardiovascular system and protecting the integrity of blood

vessels), has antioxidant properties (thanks to the presence of polyphenols, catechins and

resveratrol, essential substances for our health organism (because they preserve cells from free

radical damage), has an anti-inflammatory action, protects the teeth and gums (thanks to its

antimicrobial properties) and helps to counteract the onset caries (lowering the pH of the oral

mucosa counteracts the bacterial proliferation, responsible of caries). If taken in large

quantities it can have a strong laxative effect and cause pain abs and having a medium-high

glycemic index (equal to 65), it would be better to consume it occasionally. Even those

suffering from kidney problems should limit its use due to the high quantity of mineral salts.

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